Sunday, January 24, 2010

Craftsman LED 2AA Flashlight. Gear Review

Well with any flashlight there is good and bad, and the Craftsman is no exception.

The Good

It is a great looking light. The one I purchased came in silver. It has a nice rubber grip around the center of the handle. There is also one just below the lens for twisting that.

Another good thing about this light is the batteries last a LONG time. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, I have had the same energizer ones in it since I got the light last christmas. I use this light regularly however not for long periods of time yet it still burns brightly. I feel with a set of the new lithium energizer batteries you would never have to worry about replacing them on a light you use infrequently.

Another plus is it has a lanyard ring on the back of the light. Mine hangs on the back wall of my 2008 silverado by a lanyard that is clipped into one of the child seat anchors.

The Bad.

I do not like how the switch operates. You have to twist the light on for a constant on setting. You can just push down on the base of the handle and this will turn the light on as long as you continue to hold it down.

Another negative is the type of light it gives off. It has a blueish ring on the outer "halo" of the beam of light and then a more white and less bright circle of light in the center. Granted this does not matter much cause it still lights things up, but it could be better

This is an okay "ah crap I can't see that" Light but for something to use daily for say auto repair, or contractor type stuff I wouldn't suggest it just due to some design flaws. for something like that in a comparable size id say get the LED Mini Maglight, its around the same price and is just an all around better light.

I think I will retire this light and use it on my tamer as a barrel light. It will work fine for lighting up the eyes of coons/possums.


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  2. Thanks, What do you mean by link up though?