Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its been a while, So here is a good one. Build your own shooting sticks for under $10

Sorry its been forever since I posted guys. I recently ended my vacation (read unemployment) and I haven't really had time. Anyway on to the good stuff.

Here is what you will need to buy to make these sticks, this is the ideal size for taking sitting shots.

1.) (2) 3'x1/2" oak dowel rods (about $2 a piece at the home depot)
2.) (1) Small machine bolt, 1-1/2" long ($.25)
3.) (1) Nut sized for the machine bolt ($.25)
4.) (4) Washers sized for the machine bolt ($.50)
5.) (2) pieces of 1/2" heat shrink tubing ($1.00)
6.) A drill and a drill bit
7.) (2) nails about with the heads cut off to an overall length of about 2" 8 or 16 penny work good (free)
8.) Paint - you don't have to paint them but I painted mine with some left over camo paint from doing my rifle and homemade ecaller (which I will review both of here soon)
9.) epoxy or adhesive

Step 1 - measure 5" down from the end of both rods, mark and drill a hole here in the center of the rod slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt shaft.

Step 2 - In the bottom of both rods drill a hole so the nail will fit. Clean hole, fill with epoxy and insert the nails (pointy end facing out) into the holes.

Step 3 - place one washer under the head of the bolt, insert bolt into first rod, place 2 washers over bolt shaft, insert into 2nd rod, place the other washer and the nut, tighten down

Step 4 - Paint sticks

Step 5 - Enjoy.

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