Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its been a while, So here is a good one. Build your own shooting sticks for under $10

Sorry its been forever since I posted guys. I recently ended my vacation (read unemployment) and I haven't really had time. Anyway on to the good stuff.

Here is what you will need to buy to make these sticks, this is the ideal size for taking sitting shots.

1.) (2) 3'x1/2" oak dowel rods (about $2 a piece at the home depot)
2.) (1) Small machine bolt, 1-1/2" long ($.25)
3.) (1) Nut sized for the machine bolt ($.25)
4.) (4) Washers sized for the machine bolt ($.50)
5.) (2) pieces of 1/2" heat shrink tubing ($1.00)
6.) A drill and a drill bit
7.) (2) nails about with the heads cut off to an overall length of about 2" 8 or 16 penny work good (free)
8.) Paint - you don't have to paint them but I painted mine with some left over camo paint from doing my rifle and homemade ecaller (which I will review both of here soon)
9.) epoxy or adhesive

Step 1 - measure 5" down from the end of both rods, mark and drill a hole here in the center of the rod slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt shaft.

Step 2 - In the bottom of both rods drill a hole so the nail will fit. Clean hole, fill with epoxy and insert the nails (pointy end facing out) into the holes.

Step 3 - place one washer under the head of the bolt, insert bolt into first rod, place 2 washers over bolt shaft, insert into 2nd rod, place the other washer and the nut, tighten down

Step 4 - Paint sticks

Step 5 - Enjoy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Craftsman LED 2AA Flashlight. Gear Review

Well with any flashlight there is good and bad, and the Craftsman is no exception.

The Good

It is a great looking light. The one I purchased came in silver. It has a nice rubber grip around the center of the handle. There is also one just below the lens for twisting that.

Another good thing about this light is the batteries last a LONG time. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, I have had the same energizer ones in it since I got the light last christmas. I use this light regularly however not for long periods of time yet it still burns brightly. I feel with a set of the new lithium energizer batteries you would never have to worry about replacing them on a light you use infrequently.

Another plus is it has a lanyard ring on the back of the light. Mine hangs on the back wall of my 2008 silverado by a lanyard that is clipped into one of the child seat anchors.

The Bad.

I do not like how the switch operates. You have to twist the light on for a constant on setting. You can just push down on the base of the handle and this will turn the light on as long as you continue to hold it down.

Another negative is the type of light it gives off. It has a blueish ring on the outer "halo" of the beam of light and then a more white and less bright circle of light in the center. Granted this does not matter much cause it still lights things up, but it could be better

This is an okay "ah crap I can't see that" Light but for something to use daily for say auto repair, or contractor type stuff I wouldn't suggest it just due to some design flaws. for something like that in a comparable size id say get the LED Mini Maglight, its around the same price and is just an all around better light.

I think I will retire this light and use it on my tamer as a barrel light. It will work fine for lighting up the eyes of coons/possums.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wildview EZ Cam Trail Camera - Gear Review #4

Well I was hoping to give this camera a good review, and I may update this if I figure out how to make it work better (comment if you have any tips please) but after a week of adjusting heights/angles ect. I have yet to get pictures in an area where I know animals are coming through.

The EZ cam is just that easy to use. You open up the front panel and you see 3 buttons, a switch, a SD slot and a battery compartment. Set the date/time and you are off and running. It uses 4 C batteries and has an option of using a 12 volt power pack. I use the C batteries which are still kicking although the camera has only taken about 100 pictures (about 50 of those are of me walking to and from hunting areas).

It boasts a 1.3 MP camera that takes fairly clear pictures. This is the only one I have of any animal activity

It also has a regular flash, which is not as good as a infrared flash because it has the potential to spook game, however at about $60 from amazon you can't expect much in the form of "high-techness"

I have read some reviews with people having lots of luck with this camera taking plenty of pictures, however I have not seen these results. Ill give it another couple weeks and post an update.

Thanks for reading.

The H&R Tamer .410 shotgun, Gear Review #3

I have been looking forward to doing a review on this gun. I had about $200 in bass pro gift cards from christmas/graduation and I really wanted to get something that I didn't already have. So off to BPS to check out what they had. After spending about an hour browsing through the store i saw this on the rack. Played around with it, googled it on my blackberry (and didn't find much info), and made arrangements to pick it up the next day (24 hr waiting period here in IL)


It is a sweet looking gun. It is very light weight and breaks down with just one screw. On to the review.

Materials -

The Tamer has a synthetic stock and forend, and a nickel alloy barrel/receiver. The barrel has a nice brass bead sight at the muzzle end. The gun is very sturdy and I haven't felt like I was using something cheap in the past month of shooting it nearly every day.

Using the gun

First off this is a very short, very light weight gun. It weighs in at about 5lbs, and is 34" long. It has a 19" barrel (1" above legal). Its not really built for adult sized shooters so it takes a little bit to get used to. The Length of pull is 12-1/2", by contrast most full-sized shotguns are about 14".

I found just a little change as to where I popped my cheek to the stock and I was deadly accurate (I was shooting high when I first got it). You will have to see what you have to do personally to shoot it accurately.

An SWEET feature on this gun is the 4 shell holder built into the stock. This holds the shells in tight and after about 60 rounds through the gun I have yet to have one fall out while shooting. It makes it easy to quickly reload the gun should you miss your quarry.

One problem I had when i first got the gun was that 2.5" Remington #6 shot shells were sticking in the ejector of this single single shot gun. The 3" #4's and the slugs I bought popped out fine. After about 20 rounds It stopped and in my last 40 or so shots (which prolly 25 were the 2.5" shells) I haven't had one stick.


I do a lot of small game hunting. Squirrel and Rabbit mostly. This gun is PERFECT for this type of hunting. Its light weight makes it a breeze to haul through the woods. the .410 shell saves a lot of meat, and it has the power to take down BIG raccoons(largest thing I've tried to kill to date with this gun). With the advent of the Taurus judge buckshot loads have become available for the .410 bore. This would be great for coyote's. They have slugs too that I've read about people taking deer with. All in all a very versatile hunting firearm.


For a retail price of $179.99 the fun factor of this gun can't be beat. You, your wife, and your kids could all use this gun for target shooting to small game hunting. The nickel barrel/receiver and synthetic stock will hold up over the years and I can't wait to have a son to teach how to shoot with this very gun. H&R has a reputation of building products that last. Plus its made in the USA and you just have to love that. Buy one, and get out in the woods.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Great Reviewer. NutNFancy

I hope all of you will check out NutNFancy on youtube. He does a lot of reviews, although some of the stuff is expensive and beyond what I can afford at this point in my life his reviews are great.

Keep It up The Nutnfancy Project. I love your stuff.

Gear Review #2 - Gerber Mini Paraframe

What a great knife. Small, lightweight, sharp and it just gets the job done. This knife is my Every Day Carry knife (EDC). You will very, very rarely find me without this knife clipped on my pocket.

It comes in two versions, fine edge and serrated edge. I chose the fine edge. The best thing about this knife is its only about $12.

The second best thing is it just looks cool.

Materials -

Both the 2-1/4" blade and frame are made from stainless steel. I have had mine for about 8 months and use it daily (cause its my EDC knife) and it still looks new. The blade holds an edge very well also.

The frame is light weight, due to all the openings in the handle. This knife weighs in at just 1.4 oz. You can't even tell its hanging on your pocket.

Using the Knife -

First off I will say this one of the best pocket clips in a small knife. Not to tight or too lose it allows you to quickly pull the knife out of your pocket. Second it opens very easily with one hand, which is important for a EDC knife. I have big hands and this knife although small is very comfortable to use.

Conclusion -
BUY THIS. Honestly for a little more than 10 bucks how can you not buy it. If you are in the market for a small knife this is it. I had a buck knife of similar size prior to this one and the gerber just blows it out of the water. Way to go Gerber.