Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wildview EZ Cam Trail Camera - Gear Review #4

Well I was hoping to give this camera a good review, and I may update this if I figure out how to make it work better (comment if you have any tips please) but after a week of adjusting heights/angles ect. I have yet to get pictures in an area where I know animals are coming through.

The EZ cam is just that easy to use. You open up the front panel and you see 3 buttons, a switch, a SD slot and a battery compartment. Set the date/time and you are off and running. It uses 4 C batteries and has an option of using a 12 volt power pack. I use the C batteries which are still kicking although the camera has only taken about 100 pictures (about 50 of those are of me walking to and from hunting areas).

It boasts a 1.3 MP camera that takes fairly clear pictures. This is the only one I have of any animal activity

It also has a regular flash, which is not as good as a infrared flash because it has the potential to spook game, however at about $60 from amazon you can't expect much in the form of "high-techness"

I have read some reviews with people having lots of luck with this camera taking plenty of pictures, however I have not seen these results. Ill give it another couple weeks and post an update.

Thanks for reading.