Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello. The HFL Project Begins.

Hello, and Welcome to the HuntFishLive Project (HFL for short). My plan is to use this blog to give you guys and girls my indepth reviews on the gear related with hunting and fishing. I will also use this to tell stories of hunting or fishing adventures I partake in.

A little background on myself. I am a recent college graduate and avid hunter/fisherman. I always find myself purchasing new budget friendly gadgets and gear and like most of you (since you are reading this) I always do a lot of research before making a purchase. Since the constant search for a job can become overwhelming to say the least I plan to use this as a opportunity to relax and give my readers insight on some of the gear I use very regularly during my unemployment.

I am new to blogging so bare with me while I figure this all out and try to give you some insight on hunting and fishing gear that will not break the bank.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the HFL Project.

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